As the rail industry evolves and grows, it is increasingly offering more varied and dynamic career opportunities. And the large number of rail and metro projects currently underway around the world has created an enormous demand for skilled staff. Yet filling positions in these projects be they within engineering, IT, Project Management or Operations is a challenge.

The lacking number of women working in transport is an underlying issue, under scrutiny. According to a 2016 study of the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, only 22% workers of the transport sector are women, whilst the rail and road sector have both the most unbalanced number, with overall 85% of men workers. In the rail sector, the share of women amounts to 60%in the human resources field but only to 3% are among drivers.

Several attempts have been made to raise awareness on the situation of women in the rail sector. Given the current importance of gender balance, women now more than ever are crucial to the rail sector work force.

By advertising the railways as an attractive career choice to women, the railway is working towards facilitating industry access to a wider pool of talent, which further benefits the future of the rail industry.

Rail’s reputation is, fortunately, changing, but it is still unfortunately entrenched by outdated concepts of propriety, traditions and principles that led to the industry being commonly perceived as exclusionary to women. Luckily, the rail industry has collectively been working together to challenge this.

Event Start Date

25 -26 October 2018

“The Role of Women in Transport and their contribution in facilitating free trade in the SADC Region towards the 4th Industrial Revolution”

25 -26 October 2018